• Osborne Venerable PX 30 YR VORS Sherry

* 500 ML. VORS  (Vinum Opitmum Rare Signatum). Solera was set in 1902 and has an average of 30 Years.

From sun-dried Pedro Ximenez grapes aged in a solera created in 1902 for an average of 30 years. It is dark, opaque mahogany color, and a distinct nose with a lactic and toasted note of toffee and cappuccino coffee that stands it apart from others. The wine is dense and concentrated. D&M Tasting Notes

GRAPE: 100% Pedro Ximenez. Vines tended in albariza soil at 379 m (1,243 ft) elevation from the Montilla pago.

PAIRING SUGGESTIONS: Pedro Ximenez on the other hand is almost always a good match for non-fruity ice creams, particularly vanilla, caramel, brown bread ice cream and chocolate. It's the sweetest of Spanish sherries with an intense raisiny flavour and can simply be poured over ice cream or sipped with it. 

Osborne is one of the classical names in Puerto de Santa Maria, one of the greatest names in the history of Sherry, Brandy, and the iconic silhouette of the huge black bull that truffles the Spanish roads id one of the stereotypical images of the Spain of the 70s and 80s. The venerable history was initiated by Englishman Thomas Osborne, who started shipping his Sherries in 1804. The Venerable solera is the most recent of the four VORS wines from Osborne, dating from 1902. It is made entirely out of ancient stocks of Pedro Ximenez wine. The grapes were all dried on mats to raisined state before tiny amounts of ultra sweet juice were pressed from them. After a few generations of ageing a miniscule amount of this essence is produced at 45% residual sugar. Despite the huge amount of sweetness it is still a balanced, drinkable and extremely complex wine. These old wines have been beautifully looked after the Osborne family, despite their lack of real profitability. They could never be sold for their real value, but help give prestige to the Osborne bodega and Sherry in general.


Osborne Venerable PX 30 YR VORS Sherry

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