• Oro En Paz 2014 Contra Costa County Carignan

This comes from a single vineyard in Contra Costa County and has fleshed out nicely with the richness of 2015. The nose shows an aroma set of dark plum with light spice, sweet oak, raspberry, and a bit of earth. The palate is moderate in weight with black up front that gives way to a light spice note. D&M Tasting Notes

120 Cases 

Oro En Paz is a small San Francisco winery founded in 2009 by San Francisco natives Ben Herod, Nate Clark and James Davids. San Francisco was once rich with hundreds of wineries and even some vineyards. We are proud to be a part of the reemerging urban wine culture and to contribute to this rich tradition in our city. Our name, meaning gold in peace, is taken from the old motto of the city. It is a symbol of our friendship and the story we tell with each wine bottle. Winery Notes

Oro En Paz 2014 Contra Costa County Carignan

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