• Ohyama “Tokubetsu” Nigori Junmai Sake 500ml

Thai/spicy food friendly. Think of how Riesling pairs with Thai cuisine so well; now apply that to Nigori Sake. This sake shouldn’t be pigeon holed to this category only but the slight sweetness is a great contrast for hot flavors. Cajun food is a fun compliment. Herbacious or spice heavy dishes work well such as curry work well also. Porkchops with glazed apples; the pork would play on the richness in both the sake and the meat itself. This nigori would be great with more savory style desserts as well.  Jennifer Estevez, D&M

Kura (Brewery/Producer) Information: Kato Kahachiro Shuzo is located in Ohyama district of Tsuruoka city. The area is in the Shonai field, which is surrounded by Mt. Chokai, and the Asahi Mountains, is blessed with an abundance of clear water, fertile soil and a fine rice crop. In 1872, Kato Kahachiro separated from the head family and established a new kura. 

Ohyama, which means “big mountain”, was named after Ohyama-cho town, and specializes in Ohyama style sake. The Ohyama district has been famous for being the top sake brewing area in Eastern Japan since the 17th century. The brewery is notable for inventing their original brewing machines which are controlled by the kura-bito to maintain Ohyama’s trademark elegant aromas and smooth taste.

By far one of the most elegant Nigori sakes around. The nose is restrained and elegant with notes of tart yellow apple, candied plum and cherry blossom. The sake is creamy, milky and textural with light balanced sweetness and shows flavors of under ripe peach, greek yogurt, cedar and wet rock. Serve Chilled

Prefecture: Yamagata SMV: +6 Acidity: 1.3


Ohyama “Tokubetsu” Nigori Junmai Sake 500ml

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