• Ohyama, Ginsuika, “Silver Water” Junmai Ginjo Sake

*500 ml. Delicate and floral on the nose with aromas of lemon peel, tart pear, gardenia and crème fraiche. On the palate the sake is dry with a hint of sweetness, balanced by vibrant acidity; notes of banana skin, green apple, jasmine, and caramel. This Sake makes for a very versatile companion to many types of dishes due to its light body, refreshing palate, balanced acidity and clean finish. Serve Chilled.

Prefecture: Yamagata SMV: +3 Acidity:1.

This Sake could pair with everything from French Fries to a green salad. Think of it as the Pilsner of Sakes, it light and fresh enough to pair with vegetables and salads but would cleanse the palate after each bite for heartier fare such as roasted chicken, baked potatoes, bacon, hard cheeses, and toasted nuts. Jennifer Estevez, D&M

Kura (Brewery/Producer) Information: Kato Kahachiro Shuzo is located in Ohyama district of Tsuruoka city. The area is in the Shonai field, which is surrounded by Mt. Chokai, and the Asahi Mountains, is blessed with an abundance of clear water, fertile soil and a fine rice crop. In 1872, Kato Kahachiro separated from the head family and established a new kura. 

Ohyama, which means “big mountain”, was named after Ohyama-cho town, and specializes in Ohyama style sake. The Ohyama district has been famous for being the top sake brewing area in Eastern Japan since the 17th century. The brewery is notable for inventing their original brewing machines which are controlled by the kura-bito to maintain Ohyama’s trademark elegant aromas and smooth taste


Ohyama, Ginsuika, “Silver Water” Junmai Ginjo Sake

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