• Napa Valley Meyer Lemon/Sage Bitters

Meyer Lemon Sage Bitters: This flavor is inspired by the Meyer Lemon harvests in Napa. During these times Napans make everything from Meyer Lemon including jams, juices, soups, pies, cakes, bread, popsicles, fruit bars, fruit leather, beer and you name it... The sage edition came thanks to a suggestion to compliment the Meyer Lemon with an herb that is traditionally more of a 'savory' herb. After dozens of attempts with dozens of herbs, sage was chosen for both it's medicinal nature and it's ability to add a 'je ne sais quoi' to a cocktail. Though packed with many other aromatic and bittering herbs and spices, be mindful of the subtle lavender note in the aroma. It is brilliant. The finishing sweetness comes from the addition of Marshall Farms' Napa Wildflower Honey which adds a creaminess to the nose and palate.

 Nice bright lemon with the sage hinting through. Try a drop of this to your Lemon Drop cocktail. D&M Tasting Notes

1oz. 30% ABV

Napa Valley Meyer Lemon/Sage Bitters

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