• Mosswood Apple Barrel Light Aged American Whiskey

 Nice, spice up front, fresh apples coming through with vanilla and savory spice. The palate is filled with vanilla, apples, and oak spice. D&M Tasting Notes  

Aged in a used California Apple Brandy barrel from Germain-Robin. 

 Located in Berkeley, CA, Mosswood Distillers is comprised of Therese Agnew and Jake Chevedden. While plans for a fully functioning distillery are in progress, Mosswood whiskeys are selected from other distilleries, and brought back to the facility to be barrel aged and blended in order to create new and unique flavor profiles. These Additional Cask Enhanced (ACE'd) spirits implore subtle nuances with every sip. 

Mosswood Apple Brandy Barrel Aged American Whiskey is crafted from a seven-year-old American light whiskey* from Indiana. The whiskey is then placed into barrels that previously held California Apple Brandy from Germain Robin. These barrels were used to mature an apple brandy distilled in upstate California, and complement the whiskey’s notes of oak, vanilla and caramel with hints of fresh citrus and tart apples. Once the whiskey has been finished, it is brought to proof and bottled by hand 

*light whiskey comes off the still at 160 proof or higher, and is aged in used bourbon barrels. The light whiskey lends itself well to the barrel finishing we do by creating a more balanced flavor and highlighting the nuances from the barrel, without overpowering the finish as a whiskey previously aged in a new oak barrel would do. 


Mosswood Apple Barrel Light Aged American Whiskey

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