• Metiche Joven Mezcal

100% Salmiana Agave. This is steamed not roasted. Aromas of chartcuterie, olive oil, pickled olive brine. Strawberry, slight pepper and light smoke on the finish. This is savory and fruity. D&M Tasting Notes

Jalapeno and salsa verde notes on the nose. Nuanced mineral notes and a hint of chocolate on the palate. Pairs well with cucumber, celery, beet, orange, jicama, lime, and other vegetable notes. Delicious in margaritas. Importer Notes

Mezcal Metiche is made with Agave Salmiana, also known as maguey cimarrón. This species grows in the high plateaus of San Luis Potosí (right smack in the center of Mexico). The use of this type of agave is regulated by the SEMARNAT (Ministry of Environmental and Natural Resources), who issues extraction licenses for the community and thus the presence of this species, as well as its balance with the ecosystem are guaranteed.

40% ABV

The San Luis Potosí plateau is semi-arid, with salty soil, few rains per year, sometimes nonexistent, with high temperatures during the day and low during the night. No timber can grow in these conditions.

Here, mezcal started being made in 1870 under orders of the Carmelites priests. As a historic fact, this Ex Hacienda gave shelter to Miguel Hidalgo, Benito Juárez, and other liberals and conservatives from the XIX Century, and during the revolution it also gave shelter to villistas and militants of the government, who sent mezcal in jars to their superiors to let them know everything in the area was under control.    

The Mezcal is elaborated in the same way it has been made since 1870. First, fully grown agaves are chosen, this means they must be around 13 or 15 years of age.     

The steam is generated by "mezote", which is a mixture of plants growing in the area as well as the pencas of the agave and do not use fuels derived from petrol thus ensuring an intense flavor with no smoke. The cooking process takes 3.5 days, this allows the starches to transform slowly and evenly into sugars.  


Metiche Joven Mezcal

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