• Manoir d'Apreval Cuvee Victor Pays d' Auge Calvados

This possesses a rich, deep amber color. The ample nose emits forward notes of baked apple, raisins, dates, licorice, ginger, white pepper and sweet spices. The palate shows more present apple flavors, balanced by spices, licorice, cinnamon and a hint of ginger. The finish is long and lingers with additional notes of wood smoke and green apple skin. D&M Tasting Notes

On the road that hugs the coast between Honfleur and Deauville in the Siene estuary lies the Manoir d’Apreval. The manor’s modern history began with Victor Révillon, who owned Revillon Frères, the largest fur coat operation of its day in France. While Victor’s family had been in the fur business since the 1830s, Victor had an entrepreneurial spirit, and ran 48 stores from British Columbia in Canada to Leipzig in Germany. He also financed what is considered the first film documentary, Nanook of the North, in 1922. Victor purchased the Manor by the sea at the beginning of the twentieth century and maintained it as a traditional Normandy working farm. This polyculture approach to farming continued until the end of the twentieth century. In 1998 Victor’s granddaughter Flavie Révillon, and her daughter Agathe Letellier, decided to focus on their orchards, and leave the animals (mostly) to others. They planted just shy of 2000 high-branch apple trees on 44 acres with 17 different varieties of Normandy apples, ranging from bitter to sweet.

At the manor, the cider to be distilled stays in vats for over ten months and naturally completes its fermentation on the lees. The extended lees contact (like with Champagne or Muscadet) gives the base cider richness and structure. The richness of the cider will, in turn, give the Calvados the heft that is essential to achieve balance between the original apple aromas and those given by the oak barrels over the decades. In order to become Pays d'Auge Calvados, the cider undergoes a double-distillation in which the brandy follows the swan’s neck of the pot still and slowly flows into oak barrels. During the 1980s only a small amount of Calvados was distilled each year with a portable pot still. Agathe, who is now in charge and forging a organic path for the manor, named this cuvée in homage to her great grandfather. It is a blend of some of the oldest Calvados on the property, distilled in 1982, 1983, 1984 and 1985. Our man on the ground Charles Neal managed to grab some of these for you, and to our knowledge is available in the United States only from us here at D&M.


Manoir d'Apreval Cuvee Victor Pays d' Auge Calvados

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