• Maison Park XO Extra Grande Champagne Cognac

The nose is crème bruelle, amber maple syrup, and light tobacco spice. The palate has drying and barrel spice with dried plums and a long elegant finish.  D&M Tasting Notes

Cognac Park Extra is the high end digestive Cognac of the Park Collection: Elegance, smooth Cognac with subtle driedfruit flavors characterized this 60 years old Cognac.

The Cognac region, and its growing areas are well represented by the high quality of Cognac Park made from fermented Ugni Blanc white grapes and aged for at least two years in french oaks barrels. Cognac Park uses Limousin French oaks: medium grained woodselected for its hardness, its porosity, and its extra active characteristics. The grapes have been carefully selected to ensureonly the best « eaux-de-vie » destined for its fabrication. Free of pesticides, the growing process is kept as natural as possible.Every step of the process involved in the foundation of the Park Cognacs is carried out with the utmost attention from the pressure applied to the grapes during pressing to the selection of the « eaude–vie » ready for distillation.Producers, growers, and distillers since 1880, the Tessendier family have been the producers of Cognac Park since its creation. Today, the company is represented by two brothers Jerome and Lilian Tessendier the 4th generation of passionate wine grower and cellar masters, native to this region. Distillery Notes


Maison Park XO Extra Grande Champagne Cognac

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