• Louis Dupuy 1982 Bas Armagnac

Distilled: 1982. Bottled:2013  Aged 31 Years in Oak.

The 1982 is bottled at 45 percent alcohol and posses a deep amber color. The nose shows hints of dried pear, toffee, vanilla and spice. On the palate, the flavors expand and add plum, leather and black pepper to the harmonious whole. The brandy and its flavors coat the palate and linger pleasingly on the palate for several minutes. D&M Tasting Notes

Dupuy’s home is a small half-timbered structure a little over a mile from the town center. It is surrounded by cornfields and grape vines, the two crops that grow best on the tawny-colored sand. As you know, the wines from these soils are not fantastic when consumed at the table. They are high in acidity and have a low alcohol content (8%-9%) and taste extremely tart. All that being said, these wines are uniquely suited for distillation as their low acidity allows the subtle fruit nuances of the brandy to gently emerge during its lengthy sojourn in oak.

Louis passed away in 1995, 13 years after this Armagnac was distilled and entered barrels. Louis was a humble farmer; he loved watching rugby during the spring, fishing in the summer, producing Armagnac in the fall and hunting in the winter. Dupuy was a small, humble paysan, with a small white mustache and deeply set, piercing eyes. While larger producers adulterated their Armagnacs with permitted additives like sugar syrup and caramel, Dupuy simply relied on extensive aging to provide nuance and roundness to his spirits.

Each year Dupuy would make wine with the grapes coming from his four hectares of vines. Fermentation would be complete by the end of October, and in November the traveling alambic still of Monsieur Broustet would convert the wine into 52% alcohol with a single distillation. From there Dupuy would put the spirit into 420 liter casks where it would age slowly over the ensuing decades, gradually picking up weight, concentration and aromas of vanilla and spice.

Today, when visiting the domaine, Dupuy’s son-in-law Monsieur Peris brings visitors into a cramped chai attached to the house, whose floor is covered with dirt hardened by decades of foot traffic. Peris pulls samples from the cask with a glass thief, and lets one taste directly from the barrel in curious glasses which are round on the bottom. The inconvenience of these glasses is that you cannot put them down. The beauty of them is that you are forced to focus on the wonderful, natural spirit before you and let the aromas take you to another place, far away, and a time, many years ago.

Louis Dupuy 1982 Bas Armagnac

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