• Limerick Lane 2017 Russian River Valley Zinfandel

This is a full bodied more rip-roaring style of Limerick Lane. The nose shows more plum, black/ blue berrry bramble backed up by some tarragon, sage, and anise aromas. The palate is present with moderate acid and a flavor set of present blue fruits with a light oak and more herbs de provence. D&M Tasting Notes

Our Estate Zinfandel is our flagship wine. Originally planted by Italians at the start of the 1900’s, this wine hearkens back, in some ways, to a different time. While seamless and with an unparalleled clarity of flavor and aromas, there is also an undeniable gravity that Limerick Lane Zinfandel seems to exude. It may be nothing more than a romantic appreciation for the hands that have tended these vines for over a century. It’s possible that it is a result of the other varieties, now all but extinct, save for a few old Zinfandel vineyards like Peloursin, Negrette, and Petite Sirah, that add more structure, color, and acid than normally found in Zinfandel. Maybe the rocks, the dirt, the morning fog and the afternoon sun come together in this place a little differently than anywhere else. It may even be all of these special characteristics combined, but the Zinfandel grown at the end of this little lane is undeniably special, undeniably unique, and undeniably “Limerick Lane.” Winery Notes

Limerick Lane 2017 Russian River Valley Zinfandel

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