• Kilchoman STR Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The nose has an ash note with a lot more suttle peat than other bottlings of Kilchoman, we get floral, vanilla and apricot . The palate has citrus, wildflowers and malting powder with a hit of almost honey lift and just there spice tone. D&M Tasting Notes

This was distilled in 2012 and matured in  43 red wine casks that had been shaved, toasted, and recharred, hence ‘STR.’ The nose offers rich, creamy, medicinal peat, sea salt, vanilla, and loganberries. Sweet berry notes and caramel on the slick palate, then peat gathers momentum, with cinnamon and citrus fruits. The finish features barbecue smoke, chili, and black pepper. (1,920 bottles for the U.S.)  93 Points—Gavin Smith, Whisky Advocate, Fall 2019

Aromas of Summer fruits with a hea Advocaterty measure of cinnamon spice, toffee and gentle peat smoke. Palate: Soft caramel at first with layers of red berries, lemon tart and earthy peat smoke. Finish : Long with a pronounced spice, honey and caramel note

A creation of the late Dr Jim Swan, STR refers to a specific formula for the Shaving, Toasting and R - Charring of Red Wine Hogsheads. A total of 43 casks filled in 2012 were selected by Anthony Wills, Kilchoman’s founder and Managing Director bottled at a strength of 50%abv without chill filtration or colouring. 

The process of shaving, toasting and re - charring has had a huge influence on the casks and the flavours this single malt possesses. Kilchoman released a full maturation Red Wine Cask release in 2016 which took on lots of the big and bold wine flavours , however the STR cask provides a different approach. D&M Tasting Notes

From a overarching philosophy, Kilchoman emerged out of the same school of thought as the American ‘Grain to Glass’ movement. They too were interested in starting with raw ingredients and working through to a finished product. Anthony Wills began in the whisky industry running his own independent bottling company for eight years, and saw the resurgence of Single Malts in the marketplace. He and his family decided to bring whisky back to its roots with farm distilling. ‘From Barley to bottling,’ is the slogan that the Kilchoman Distillery chose to represent their business philosophy. This reason to be included being located on the farm that grew the grain that made the whisky. It helped, to be sure, that Anthony’s wife’s family has owned land on Islay for over 60 years. With the combination of place, access to great barley, water from the hills of Islay, peat, and four sons to do the grunt work; Kilchoman was established within the bounds of Rockside Farm in 2005 This was a decided gamble as Kilchoman was the first new distillery started on Islay in 97 years. Michael Kennel, D&M

Kilchoman STR Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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