• Jura 11 YR. Distiller's Art Bottling Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The nose of this cask strength Jura shows salted peanuts, fresh apricots and peaches, caramel praline, toasted marshmallow and just there sea spray. The palate has Jura’s characteristic oily texture with caramel pralines, white pepper, dried d’anjou pear, sea spray, and just there notes of smoke and spicy heat on the finish. Enjoy! D&M Tasting Notes

Distilled: March 2007. Bottled: 2018. Single Cask, refill Hogshead. 217 bottles. 51.2% ABV 

A quick note up front on the bottler of this Scotch. For us it is a new name of an established bottler that we have enjoyed for many years. Distiller’s Art is another imprint from Hunter Laing, which has been in the Scotch whisky game for over 65 years. In addition to making Old Malt Cask, Old & Rare, and Hepburn’s Choice (among others) the family has opened a new distillery on Islay with the first cask filled in October 2018: Ardnahoe.

Across a narrow straight from Islay, Jura has 25 times more deer than people, with the island population resting around 200 people. (The number of deer sits at about 5,000.) The isle is famous for being where George Orwell crafted his dystopian classic Nineteen Eighty-Four in the final years of his life. Today there is one town, one pub, and one road and was once called by Orwell “Extremely unget-at-able.”

The Jura Distillery is located in the only town on Jura: Craighouse and has been since 1810. That was the year that an enterprising Archibald Campbell (in fact the owner of the entire island) decided to begin legally distilling, even before the Excise Act made taxes less burdensome. This would make Jura one of the older distilleries except for the fact that it was completely dismantled in the early 1900s. As these things often go, it was a battle between two men that led to Jura ceasing to be for half a century. The then owner operator of the distillery James Ferguson, after a conflict with island owner Colin Campbell, completely disassembled the distillery and shipped it to the mainland in a huff. In the 1960s Robin Fletcher and Tony Riley-Smith, the owners of some of the largest estates on Jura, took it upon themselves to avert the further fall of the island’s population and give the remaining residents a reason to stay. They secured financial backing from Leith-based blenders Charles Mackinlay & Co. and hired the famous designer William Delme-Evans to build a large, modern distillery on the site of the long vanished original distillery. After this 1963 refounding, the distillery was further expanded in 1978 to its current size. Though only seven miles from the ‘seat of the parish of peat’ on Islay, Jura is closer to the Highland and Speyside in whisky style. 

Jura is a light island whisky, very individual in style. Their regular style and series of expressions show a trademark oily profile, but without peat. The largest employer on this island is the distillery, known simply as ‘Isle of Jura Distillery.’ Michael Kennel, D&M

Jura 11 YR. Distiller's Art Bottling Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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