• Juan Francisco 2017 Los Loros Blanco

From the valley of Guimar on the Canary Islands, this is made up of Listán Blanco, also called Palomino (in sherry.) The nose shows beeswax, stone fruits, and a volcanic minerality. The palate has a great texture with zingy acid and flavors of beeswax, stone fruits and black volcanic stones. D&M Tasting Notes

Juan Francisco (Juanfra to his friends) is a progressive winemaker in the Valle de Güimar, a small DO in Tenerife with only 12 wineries located on the Northeast side of the island. Güimar is known for white wines, typically made with Listán Blanco, the ubiquitous white grape of the Canary Islands. The DO ranges from 100 to 1400 meters in elevation up the slope of Las Cañadas del Teide, and includes some of the highest elevation vines in all of Europe. Trade winds coming off the Atlantic help to keep temperatures moderate, rainfall is minimal and sunshine abounds. Juanfra is located in the center of the DO, in the town of Arafo at 700-800m in elevation, and most of his vines are in the surrounding areas. In addition to the wines he makes around Arafo, he is working on a project to recuperate old and abandoned vineyards high up in an area called Las Dehesas. These vineyards are at 1400m, and only reachable by a special tractor, which is why no one wants to make the effort to harvest grapes from this extremely steep and difficult terrain...Juanfra is alone in his quest to preserve these old vines. He studied winemaking in Tenerife, before taking over the vineyards from his father in 1998, only two years after the Valle de Güimar became an official DO.

Juanfra calls his project Los Loros, after the laurel shrubs that proliferate the upper parts of the Valle de Güimar. Conventional farming is typical in this area of the island, however Juanfra believes in a more respectful style of farming. He favors a sustainable philosophy, and never uses herbicides or pesticides. He works with traditional Canarian varietals such as Listán Blanco, Vijariego Blanco, Marmajuelo, Albillo Criollo (no relation to the albillos found on the Peninsula, but a typical varietal found primarily on the island of La Palma) and Listán Negro. He owns some vines and works with small farmers in the area, encouraging them to plant vegetable gardens near the vines and promoting sustainable practices. Juanfra’s goal is to produce honest, artisan wines; even when he has a difficult vintage, he is a staunch opponent to manipulations in the winery

Juan Francisco 2017 Los Loros Blanco

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