• Jean Tarbe 1995 Domaine du Hautica Bas Armagnac

Distilled in 1995 and made up entirely of wine from the Baco holdings on the property. It was distilled in a continuous operation still at 52% ABV then rested in oak until the fall of 2018. We find this 23 year old armagnac to be an example of a spirit from some of the finest soils in the region. The nose shows aromas of prune, vanilla, maple and oak barrel spice. The palate is rich, with flavors of plums, maple, vanilla, and additional notes of pepper and almonds.The finish is long with lovely spice notes. D&M Tasting Notes

A new-to-us producer who after decades of selling to others is finally bottling on their own, Domaine de Hourtica. The history of the domaine must first begin with an acknowledgment of how interconnected Armagnac is. Jean Tarbe’s mother was a Gaube (of Domaine de Gaube) and the family has for a number of years sold to Marc Darroze and his father Francis before him. But as his own mother said after a recent jury prize, “Of course it's nice. One thing is certain, he was not boosted because no one knows him.”

The domaine got its official start in the troubled time between the world wars when in 1932 the Tarbe family bought a domaine outside the village of Labastide d'Armagnac. The base of operations was (and is) their beautiful farmhouse constructed in the 17oos. The family owns 50 acres of vines planted to Ugni Blanc and Baco. In the 1950s, as France emerged from the shadow of World War II, the domaine started to get regional recognition. Soon Domaine de Hourtica bottlings were available at top local restaurants focusing on the food of the Landes region.

When the scion of the family passed away in the 1980s, Hubert Tarbe took over and continued the family’s labors. Both he and his son continued the farming of the land but sold most of their Armagnac to negoçiants, most notably the excellent Francis Darroze. Hubert’s son Jean has spent much of his adult life working in relative obscurity (thus the snide comment from mom) selling his distillate all the while slowly building up stocks in his family’s chai  by the vineyards. In 2017 he decided that he was ready to debut his life’s work and bottle and market the domaine directly. In the Agricultural Shows in the Southwest and in Paris he was pleasantly surprised to win Silver and Gold as well as top Jury Prize for best in show for his 1996 and 200o vintages the first time they were entered into competition. In fact this 1995 vintage won a gold medal at the region’s Armagnac competition in Eauze in 2018. Our man on the ground Charles Neal met with Jean last summer and was able to secure some of his 1995. 

Jean Tarbe 1995 Domaine du Hautica Bas Armagnac

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