We were in talks with the importer of Jean Laurent and they were open and amenable to doing a custom dosage for us. In the spring we got together as a staff and tasted through a set of Jean Laurent Blanc de Blancs (Chardonnay) ranging from Jean’s standard 10 grams of dosage down to a zero dosage cuvee. Champagne labeled as Brut can range from 0 grams of added sugar up to 12 grams of added sugar with no label change, with vastly different aromas and palate presences.

Dosage trials for Champagne geeks are always a stage for lively discussion, and this one was no different. As a whole we agreed that the higher dosage range minimized the freshness and focus of the Chardonnay. We were split as to whether we preferred the 2 grams or 4 grams until one of us, in an inspired moment, suggested to split the difference and blend the two. This is how we landed upon the custom dosage we have for you: a 3 gram dosage that we feel has just the right mix of focus and fruit.

This bottle was disgorged to order this June and finished with 3 grams dosage. The cuvee is a true non-vintage and is made up of the following harvests: 37% 2012, 29% 2011, 21% 2010, and 13% 2009. Our tasting notes,both from during the dosage trial and when the cuvee arrived, shows a focused nose of buttercream, baguette crust, citrus, wet stones, and green apple. The palate echoes the nose with precise delineated flavors of citrus, light minerality and green apples with the skins removed, all on a lighter frame with moderate acidity. Tasting this over two days, this delivers immediate enjoyment and should age well until
2025. Try this with a recipe from roaring twenties San Francisco, a Crab Louie Salad.

The Laurent family has been involved in grape growing in the Côte des Bar for over 1,000 years. The Côte des Bar is geographically and geologically set apart from its neighbors to the north; it is closer to Chablis in Burgundy than Epernay or Riems in the north of Champagne. Jean represents the third generation at
the estate that bears his name, with land holdings that total 39 acres. Of those 39 acres, only 9 are planted to Chardonnay.
Jean is an acolyte of sustainable agriculture and does limited sprayings and treatments in the vineyards. In the winery, Jean uses stainless steel for vinification and aging, and all of his wines go through Malolactic conversion to soften the final wine. The wines are aged on the lees at least 30 months with the bottles tipped on point to maintain the freshness of the Champagne.

Jean Laurent Magnum D&M Dosage Champagne

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