• Jacques Esteve Reserve Ancestrale Cognac

The nose is rich with dried fruits, sultana, light fig, baking spices, and ground coffee.  The palate is wonderfully integrated with dried fruits and minerals, giving way to rich luxury palate feel. D&M Tasting Notes

Petite Champagne. This Hors d’Age is made up entirely from the 2006 vintage. The village of Celles, which the Esteve family calls home, is a stone’s throw from the Grande Champagne border. Jacques and his son sell a large part of their production to Hennessey and Remy Martin, but keep a small quantity for selling at the domaine and to favored restaurants. They have been making Cognac since WWII. Made entirely from Ugni Blanc distilled twice in one of his two pot stills

Jacques Esteve is the sixth generation cognac producer on the 49 hectares estate in Celles, part of the Petite Champagne. However, a small stream called the Né borders the wine-growing estate and is used as an ad- ministrative border between the two Charentes regions that delimit the vineyards of the Grande and Petite Champagne. This close proximity, identical subsoil and a unanimously recognized know-how generate Cognacs whose finesse is renowned within the region. We met Jacques back in 2002 and is now retired. His son Philippe (the 7th generation) presently cultivates 49 hectares of vines and operates two stills during the early winter months. Importer, Charles Neal

Jacques Esteve Reserve Ancestrale Cognac

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