• Jacques Esteve Hors d'Age Cognac

Petite Champagne may live in Grande Champagne’s shadow, but the Cognac from here often delights at a much younger age. A case in point is this blend, which is a little more than 10 years old. On the nose, it’s fruity and buttery, revealing a faint hint of wildflowers. On the palate, there’s lush peach and plum, with juicy acidity, balanced by notes of tea, spice and pepper that lend finesse to the fleshy fruit. Surprisingly complex for such a young brandy. Very good value. 95 Points Vinous, September 2019

Petite Champagne. This Hors d’Age is made up entirely from the 2006 vintage. The village of Celles, which the Esteve family calls home, is a stone’s throw from the Grande Champagne border. Jacques and his son sell a large part of their production to Hennessey and Remy Martin, but keep a small quantity for selling at the domaine and to favored restaurants. They have been making Cognac since WWII. Made entirely from Ugni Blanc distilled twice in one of his two pot stills this cognac is powerful and spicy, and shows excellent length.  D&M Tasting Notes

Jacques Esteve Hors d'Age Cognac

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