• J. Goudoulin 1993 Bas-Armagnac

Distilled: 1993 Bottled: 2019 Aged in oak barrels 25 Years. The nose has forest floor freshness with a gently chocolaty pastry note. The palate is round with a wood present as well as notes of sweet caramel on the finish. Distillery Notes

At present we have in our ageing storage cellars more than 30 different estates located in various parts of Bas-Armagnac. The villages around have vineyards producing the best brandies. This area is what was used to be called "Grand Bas-Armagnac". It is in this area of 15x25 kilometers that we focus with determination our never-ending quest to expose and hopefully acquire yet another small quantity (a cask here, a dame-jeanne there) of the characterful Armagnacs so typical of the region. Distillery Notes

J. Goudoulin 1993 Bas-Armagnac

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