• Henry DuYore's Rye Whiskey

46.1% Batch 3. Aromas of coco nib, caramel and barrel spice. The palate is spicy and chewy with nougat, fudge, bake shop and rye. D&M Tasting Notes

 77.8% rye and 22.7% barley, aged 18 months in barrel.

Henry duYore’s Rye Whiskey opens with heady cereal notes of pine sap,  celery root, and sweet rye loaf, set off by warm accents of malted barley. The palate is forward and textured, with dark rye and demerara flavors punctuated by lively hints of fresh sugar cane and exotic high notes of hibiscus and agave. The whiskey continues with suppleness and power, with the richness of the malt carrying clean, focused aromatics on a long, elegant finish. Distillery Notes

“Henry DuYore’s Rye Whiskey speaks to our aspiration to release spirits that balance the character of their grains of origin with the influence of the years passed in oak barrels. An abiding fondness for the flavor of rye inspired us to produce our own bottling. With this Rye Whiskey, we sought to temper the admirable innate feistiness of rye with the rich, supple flavor of malted barley. Rye proved to be a worthy adversary for the old-fashioned Ransom mashing system, which we originally designed for the more cooperative malted barley. The texture of the rye grain made it impossible to push our house-mashed base wort above fifty percent rye, so we selected a well-made rye white dog to bring the rye to the forefront of our blend. We feel that the resulting whiskey retains the texture, aromatics, and flavor of an artisan pot distilled spirit. We are proud to offer up this whiskey as a fitting tribute to the legendary old moonshiner Henry DuYore. Although he is now completely reformed, Henry’s true identity cannot be revealed. You might find him in his cabin, whittling, reading classic literature, or enjoying the occasional nip of good whiskey…or you might even find him right around here.” Distillery Notes 


Henry DuYore's Rye Whiskey

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