• Glenlossie 10 Yr. Signatory Bottling Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The Signatory Glenlossie 10 year old we have for you opens with a whiff of smoke in addition to peaches, cream, candied apricots, light grass and fresh grain. The palate has a sense of weight and texture with a light note of peat, peaches, mace and clove, white pepper, and a tropical fruit lift on the finish. Enjoy! D&M Tasting Notes

The history of Glenlossie begins with an enterprising  group of friends, some of them with significant experience in the whisky industry. To reset the time frame: in 1876, John Duff, the former manager of the GlenDronach Distillery, constructed a new distillery in the center of the Speyside district. He was helped by fellow owners and financers Alexander Allen, H.M.S. Mackay, and the owner of Tobermory, London blender John Hopkins. The new distillery was well situated to take in water from the nearby Bardon burn and be completely free from steam power, relying instead on power generated by a water wheel. The distillery got its name from the valley of the river Lossie, less than a mile away. [This was and is a popular whisky neighborhood. There are seven other distilleries situated within a 3 mile radius from the distillery: BenRiach, Glen Elgin, Glen Moray,Linkwood, Longmorn, Mannochmore, and Miltonduff.] John Duff was a restless entrepreneur and in 1888 left the distillery to find his fortune in South Africa, and later the US. (He found his fortune in neither, and returned to Scotland where he founded two other distilleries in the Speyside before going bankrupt in 1909.) In 1896 John Duff sold his share in the distillery to HMS Mackay and his nephew who formed the Glenlossie-Glenlivet Distillery Company Limited. They went about improving the distillery and ran it quite uneventfully until the outbreak of World War I. With the grain shortages of The Great War, the distillery was mothballed until the distilling behemoth Distillers Company Limited bought it in 1919. The new owners made a change that John Duff expressly sought to avoid-- they converted to steam. Everything was fine and dandy for the next decade until a fire in 1929 gutted the distillery house.

The distillery was from there rebuilt, and with the exception of a industry wide WWII closure, has been continuously run until today. In 1971 the Mannochmore distillery was built in the same complex as Glenlossie, and for a time the staff was shuttled between the two distilleries. Glenlossie has long been a favorite of the Whisky blenders. In fact, in 1974 it was named one of the twelve ‘top class’ Scottish malt distilleries. Because it is so sought after by blenders it is not often seen as a single malt. Less than 1% of total production is destined for a single malt, the rest goes into blends. Glenlossie is quietly there in Diageo’s blended scotch whiskies including Walter White’s beloved, Dimple Pinch.

Making distillery setups worth reading can be a challenge (We should know.) While you may, or may not, care about the number of stills or the type of lyne arm the still has, it can have a marked change on the flavor of your resulting dram. Glenlossie today has three pairs of stills in the still room. The spirit stills are fitted with purifier pipes between the lyne arms and condensers. These increase reflux, carrying any heavier alcohols which have refluxed out in the lyne arm back into the body of the still. This setup gives the new make spirit weighty texture and a light and grassy flavor. Michael Kennel, D&M  

Glenlossie 10 Yr. Signatory Bottling Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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