• Glenlivet 19 YR Signatory Bottling Single Malt Scotch Whisky

This bottling was aged in a previously used sherry butt, which accounts for the lightness of the color. The nose of this 19 year old has aromas of honeysuckle, candied macadamia nuts, white flowers, citrus zest, licorice, and a whisper of peat. The palate has a nicely delineated mouthfeel with just there flavors of pear and tree fruit blossoms, cracked nuts, a hint of peat, and a bit of cocoa nib on the finish. D&M Tasting Notes

Distilled: 5.13.1996 Bottled: 1.12.2016 Cask# 79227 Sherry Butt 592 Bottles. 46% ABV

Glenlivet was founded in 1824 by George Smith. George was no stranger to distillation as his father had been distilling on the Upper Drummin farm since 1774, and had handed over the reigns to his son in 1817. So, why if the distillery had already been set up, is this founding date used? A keen student of Scotch history will note this founding date is one year after Parliament passed the Excise Act. This act lowered the cost of a distillery license and was the government’s attempt to bring the ample amount of illegal distilling in Scotland into the tax fold. George Smith, who had been illegally distilling before (as a Duke’s tenant no less), seized this opportunity to have first mover status and enjoy the protections of operating inside the law. Those protections of the law were provisional; in George’s own words: "I was warned before I began by my civil neighbours that they meant to burn my new distillery to the ground, and me in the heart of it.” 

Thankfully for the history of Glenlivet (and George Smith) the threats proved idle, in no small part thanks to two hair-trigger pistols given to Smith by the Laird of Aberlour. Within the decade, there were no illicit stills left in the valley of the Livet. What George Smith had on his hands after the troubles with his neighbors was a problem that rings familiar today: everyone wanted to use his name to sell their products. The whisky joke of the 1800s was that Glenlivet meant ‘the LONG valley’ for the number of distilleries that sold their wares with the Glenlivet name. This led to a long multigenerational and contentious legal battle for the use of The Glenlivet that wound its way through the courts until 1884, when the major producers removed this name from their labels. From that time to the current day, glenlivet can be used by others only as a geographic designation appended to the end of a distillery name. 

At the time that George Smith turned legitimate, he was producing something like 50 gallons (200L) of new make spirit each week. He designed his stills to have a lantern shape with a broad base, a small bulb at the base of the neck and then the traditional tapered neck. This still design has continued to be used to the modern day, and is credited as the origin of Glenlivet’s smooth and pretty style of spirit. Today we are lightyears beyond George Smith’s 10,000 liters a year; the seven wash and seven spirits stills of the Modern Glenlivet can now produce 10.5 million liters a year, with the water still drawn from Josie’s well at the rate of approximately 13,000 liters an hour. Today, Pernod Ricard, the current owners are continuing the expansion of Glenlivet, with even more single malt being produced, year after year. Michael Kennel, D&M


Glenlivet 19 YR Signatory Bottling Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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