• Glenburgie 16 Yr Chieftain's Bottling Single Malt Scotch Whisky

This pre-closure Glenburgie has a light and bright nose of clean cereal grain, honeycomb, orange marmalade with some light cinnamon and allspice aromas. The plate has some heat to it with initial hits of cinnamon and all spice that give way to tropical fruit flavors that call to mind lychee and an assorted basket of other bright tropical fruits. D&M Tasting Notes

Distilled: November 1998. Bottled: October 2015 Hogshead. Cask#5006, 203 bottles. 46% ABV

The distillery that would become Glenburgie is located on the shoulder of Scotland 30 miles west of Inverness. The historical antecedent of Glenburgie was a distillery by the name of Kilnflat that was said to be built around 1810 by William Paul. The ambiguous wording of the above sentence is because local history states that Kilnflat was founded in 1810, but William Paul registered the distillery, and started to pay taxes, in 1829. After Kilnflat’s founding, the distillery carried along through the middle part of the 1800s until it was closed in 1870.

Eight years later it was brought out of mothballs and restarted by one Charles Kay, who gave it the name that it has carried to this day: Glenburgie. The distillery has had a who’s who of Scottish whiskey owners over the last century with Hiram Walker, Allied Domecq, Pernod Ricard, and Chivas Brothers all taking a turn with ownership. In recent history the distillery was closed from 2000 though 2004 when almost all the old buildings were demolished making this Chieftain’s bottling one of the last in the old distillery. After the rebuild, the distillery has been in the Pernod Ricard stable for the last decade and is the featured component of Ballentine’s blends. 

Water has always been an issue at Glenburgie and has necessitated a degree of innovation versus the norm. The water is currently drawn from five different sources ranging from springs, streams and a borehole on the property. In the new distillery the cooling water is recycled back into the distillery dam and reused, which helps the fish downstream as well as alleviate the water issues. The malted barley used at Glenburgie is lightly peated to highlight Glenburgie’s fruit forward spirit. The following paragraph is more of a historical oddity rather than pertinent to the current distillery setup, but interesting nonetheless. 

Glenburgie in 1958 installed two Lomond stills from 1958, also when they ceased floor maltings. This still type was first seen in the Loch Lomond distillery, which was under the control of Hiram Walker at the time. This still type is almost a love child of a traditional pot still and a coffey still, and produces a heavier and fruitier spirt. The two stills were run completely separate from start to finish from the preexisting stills within Glenburgie, so the owners at the time gave this parallel project a new distillery name as well. Long time lovers of Scotch may know the distillery that I am speaking of: Glencraig, a distillery that existed for a brief 23 years, until the stills were removed in 1981. Another side note: Bruichladdich installed a Lomond still in 2010 salvaged from the Inverleven distillery. Michael Kennel, D&M

Glenburgie 16 Yr Chieftain's Bottling Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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