• G.E Massenez Creme de Fraise/Strawberry

Fresh, dynamic attack with complex ripe candied fruit with sweet jam notes. A very pleasant, persistent finish. Very intense, very good quality. 

By 1913, Eugene Massenez had become a front runner by distilling Wild Raspberry for the first time… this brandy became a phenomenal success thanks especially to the loyalty of the Queen of Sweden who fell in love with this Raspberry on her visits to Hohwald in Alsace.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cocktail

1 oz Strawberry Liqueur,

1/4 oz White Creme de Cacao,

1/2 oz Cream.

Pour all ingredients into a mixing glass half-filled with ice cubes. Stir well. Strain into a cocktail glass, garnish with a fresh strawberry, and serve. Serve Chocolate Covered Strawberry in a Cocktail Glass


G.E Massenez Creme de Fraise/Strawberry

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