• Foursquare 2005 Barbados Rum

Exceptional Cask Selection Mark VI 12 Year Old Ex-Bourbon Cask, October 2017 release. 

59% ABV

Sipped this is a touch more spicy than the 2004. It is perhaps a notch or two clearer. more defined, more full if you like. The interaction between the rum and the cask is a joy to behold. The spicy entry delivers everything a good bourbon might alongside an extra layer of vanilla, stoned fruits, milky chocolate and some really nice notes of ginger and lemon peel.

it has an extra year on the 2004 and this shows. It’s slightly heavier overall – it has a little more oak especially around the finish which is very long very lively. Lovely zesty notes – lemon and limes, some pepper, ginger and just so much going on. There is even a touch of smokiness in the finish which adds an extra dimension.

As a sipper this takes some beating – I haven’t had to dilute it at all. Like the 2004 it is very easy to drink and is hugely complex and rewarding at the same time. Crystal clear delivery of every aspect of this rum. The Fat Rum Pirate

Foursquare 2005 Barbados Rum

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