• Folk Machine 2018 White Light

California White Wine. A white wine blend from a winemaker who owns no land and hews to no dogma. The nose shows a light orange blossom, stone fruits, lime, and a light minerality. The palate has some texture with good acid, and flavors towards orange peel, lime zest, and just there minerality. D&M Tasting Notes

30% Tocai Friulano from Mendocino, 36% Riesling from Arroyo Seco, and 23% Verdelho from Suisun Valley and 11% Sauvignon Blanc from Potter Valley.

Stainless steel until bottling in January 2018. Total production in 2017 was 1,059 cases.

The question always comes up, “Why Hobo?” A friend in the wine industry once told me that he figured the hobo name came from the fact that I was about the dirtiest winemaker he knew. The part about me being the dirtiest winemaker might be true, but it is not where the name came from. It’s partly a trip I’m on about a dead American era and partly about the fact that I don’t own a winery or any vineyards. If you are looking for estate bottled wines, you have come to the wrong place.

Hobo is my tribute and homage to a freedom and an era that I grew up romanticizing. I think I spent a lot of my late teens and early twenties chasing the rambling ways of the American Hobo. When I was seventeen I started traveling around, listening to Woody Guthrie and Bruce Springsteen and the likes, seeing the different parts of the country and other countries, writing in journals and taking photos and didn’t really stop until I was twenty-three or twenty-four. As the experiences racked up, I found out that the hoboes had disappeared. The hobo had become a relic in the story of our expanding country. Like all good heroes, I figured they deserved their place in history and on wine bottles.

Folk Machine 2018 White Light

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