• Folk Machine 2018 Parts & Labor Red Wine

Parts & Labor is a selection of old Calfornia vineyards and varieties from an older era of California. Due to the 2018 fires, the blend is short on Syrah this year, but still in the spirits of previous vintages. The 2018 is 60% Carignane, 32% Grenache, 5.5% Syrah, and 2.5% Zinfandel.

I’ve said this more times than I can remember now, but this is the wine that we are most likely to drink at home. Most of the time, it’s hard to enjoy our own wines, they feel like work, but Parts & Labor has always been diffrent. It is such an unforced, gulpable wine that we forget it is ours. As usual, the goal with this wine is to be a California bistro wine, light on it’s feet, great with food, fun and easy to drink, and affordable. KENNY LIKITPRAKONG

Our ideas and preferences about wine are always changing, but the core and root of what excites us is a constant. The possibility for wine to create community, to be history, to tell a story, and to transcend time and place is what enchants, captivates, and inspires us. The wines that achieve these ethereal qualities are produced by craftsmen/women with an artisan approach to growing grapes and making wines. They are Vignerons who raise their vines and wines with great thought and patience and understanding and are able to instill their wines with personality and character and a sense of place. Hobo Wine Company

The Label and carton were created by Sara Rosenstock of Just a Jar Design and Press based in Ohio. I really enjoy her art and originally asked her to create the Simple Machine label. I wanted to keep Parts & Labor in the same spirit with the same sensibility so again asked Sara to design the label. The name still pretty much speaks for itself. This wine is about not making something more complicated than it needs to be to get the job done.

Folk Machine 2018 Parts & Labor Red Wine

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