• Fernet Francisco

Aromas of chamomile and cured lemon peel, fresh mint and white pepper. The palate is soft with well integrated mint on a delicious long finish.  Really lovely overall. 2.5 grams residual sugar D&M Tasting Notes April 2019.

The new batch has less menthol notes, instead being fresh mint on the finish of this lighter body fernet. The cinnamon and chinar bark show through well balanced. D&M Tasting Notes, June 2018 

Max Rudsten and Ben Flajnik, two local guys with a passion for the peculiar, formed their friendship over a shot of fernet. Prior to this fateful toast, they each had explored their infatuation with complex elixirs. Max had spent tireless days in his backyard experimenting with his own concoctions, constantly macerating, infusing, and barrel-aging different local plants and herbs, exhaustively cataloging the results in hopes of creating the first local, San Francisco fernet. Meanwhile, on an amaro quest of his own, Ben traveled to the most remote corners of the globe, immersing himself in the methods and techniques practiced by some of most renowned international distilleries.

Their connection sparked the emergence of Fernet Francisco - The first locally crafted, Bay Area fernet.

In each batch of Fernet Francisco, we distill 12 hand-picked herbs with a holy wisp of fresh fog. The purest. The surest. The spirit of San Francisco.


0.75 oz Fernet Francisco, 

0.75 oz Green Chartreuse, 

0.75oz Maraschino Liquor 

0.75oz lime juice (served in chilled cocktail glass)



Fernet Francisco

  • $44.99

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