• El Maestro Half Bottle 1/14 Oloroso Sherry

*375 ML. Sierra Vinos Viejos. The age of this solera here is very hard to determine as the wines have been here for as long as one can remember. The 14 butts of this wine have spent at least 50 years in the solera system.Wildly complex with aromas from roasted nuts to eastern spices. This is a liquid elixir that can rock anybody's world. Wine Maker Notes

Serving Temprature - El Maestro Sierra Oloroso 1/14 should be served at European room temperature (65ºF).

A winery founded in 1832 by Jose Antonio Sierra, who was a master carpenter. As a master carpenter he was responsible for building barrels for all the major Sherry houses. Recognized as one of the top coopers in the area, he longed to become involved in the Sherry trade itself. In 1832 he set about building a small winery with the aim of making the best Sherries possible. As this business was dominated by the nobility, a start-up such as his was not very welcome. After many hardships he was able to establish and grow his business becoming one of the top Almacenistas (stockholders) of high quality Sherries. Poking fun at his struggle, the label depicts an allegorical fox hunt with the "Nobles" hunting the fox (Maestro Sierra). Bottled: L-09-2011


El Maestro Half Bottle 1/14 Oloroso Sherry

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