• Don Amado Rustico Mezcal

100% Espadin Agave. Bright citrus, clay and earth aromas. The palate has spice, fresh limes, bisque fired clay, charcuterie and BBQ meats. A savory mezcal. D&M Tasting Notes 

Eleven generations of continual mezcal distillation with a legendary commitment to craftsmanship and experimentation have culminated in a spirit that is simultaneously complex and approachable. Don Amado is made from earthen-roasted agave hearts which are, after crushing, fermented together with their piña fibers for a rich agave character. The mash is then double-distilled in small traditional ceramic clay pots. Aged varieties are matured in American oak casks previously used for barreling Pedro Domecq brandy.

The influence of the minero clay still is quite prevalent on the nose with aromatics leaning towards ash, crushed walnuts, roasted corn, and savory spices. A bright, citrusy espadin agave palate is well balanced against notes of caramel, butterscotch and fresh herbs. Distillery Notes


Don Amado Rustico Mezcal

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