• Domaine Lesuffleur 2015 La Folletiere Cider

750ml.  12 Varieties of Apple. 40% Binet Rouge, Bisquet (Bittersweet) 35% Mettais, Frequin (Bitter) 25% Rambeau, Rene Martin (Sharp) Handpicked, Indigenous Yeast

Benoît Lesuffleur’s parents were very opposed to him using the family orchards to make cider, in fact they firmly told him, “No.” They had been growing apples in Normandy for generations, but had been selling all of their fruit to larger cider houses; his parents envisioned a more cosmopolitan lifestyle for him. He spends much of his time in Paris working as a wine broker, but still has a passion for making cider and is gaining experience and slowly taking one the best orchards on his family’s property. Made from over 12 different heritage varieties, comprised of 40% bittersweet, 35% bitter, and 25% sharp apples, the "La Folletière" is simply one of the best ciders from anywhere in the world! It's shocking that Benoît is producing such captivating ciders with only a couple of vintages under his belt. This is a Norman-style cider, with lovely acidity, tannin, and complexity, and just a touch of residual sugar for balance. It's fermented with indigenous yeasts in the “méthode ancestrale”, and ages for 10 months on fine lees in the bottle. It's not a totally bone-dry style, but that makes it even more delicious at the table, especially when paired with heavily spiced dishes.

Domaine Lesuffleur 2015 La Folletiere Cider

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