The Domaine de Papolle 1978 posses a deep amber color with gold highlights. The nose is forward and present with notes of cedar, cigar,maple, old rum, and smoke. The spirit is medium to full-bodied, with an elegant mouth feel that offers additional flavors of prune,chocolate, coffee and polished wood. A slight burst of alcohol is altogether welcome as it helps push the flavors even further on to the palate, the finish on this 37 year old is superbly long and supple. D&M Tasting Notes

The Domaine de Papolle was established in the 17th century in Mauleon d’Armagnac, and today covers 330 acres, with 135 acres of vineyards. The house and vineyards are surrounded by forest and lakes, and is a unique place surrounded by nature Through the centuries it has changed owners a number of times. It was recently purchased from a British businessman by Bernard and Frederic Piffard, who make a full range of table wines and also distill the varieties Baco, Ugni Blanc and Folle Blanche every year with a traveling alambic still.

The father and son team have two aging cellars on their property, both of which are humid to help promote the evaporation of alcohol. This 1978 vintage, bottled in 2015 exclusively for you at of 45% ABV, and is a example of a 37 year-old spirit that is at a wonderful point of its evolution.

Domaine de Papolle 1978 Bas Armagnac

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