• Domaine de Baraillon 1970 Bas-Armagnac

45% ABV. This 1970 possesses a beautiful deep amber color. The aroma set is complex and includes aged plum wine,candied oranges, quince, earth, and leather. The palate is wonderfully balanced with flavors that seem to glide across the tongue with the alcohol/oak/fruit harmony simply stunning. The palate picks up additional notes of pepper, wood smoke, and cocoa which add complexity to the long finish. Charles Neal, Importer

The domaine is located in the small Bas-Armagnac town Lannemaignan, home to around  100 souls. The Claverie family, who own the domaine, has distilled Armagnac for a century and a half. They are practitioners of what we now call polyculture. Basically theirs is a working farm. They tend to pigs, have fruit trees, and do some small scale vegetable cultivation, all in addition to their vineyard holdings.  The Claverie vineyards are divided evenly between Baco, Folle Blanche, and Ugni Blanc, but word on the street is that the Claveries only distill Folle Blanche as a single varietal. That said, there are some 100% Baco distillates from past generations in their chai. The grounds are a workaday farm, with old farm equipment littering their drive. From the small road that runs in front of their house, one would never guess that upon the property lie demi-johns containing Armagnacs from 1893 and 1900. 

Yet it is at unassuming farms like these that one often finds the most amazing spirits that rarely see the light of day.This 1970 vintage, for instance, was distilled by proprietor Paul Claverie over 45 years ago. Aged for its entire life in a 420 liter barrel, this is about as artisanal an Armagnac as one can possibly find. Today daughter Laurence largely runs the operation and humble tasting room, although her father from time to time joins as well: just in from feeding the pigs.

Domaine de Baraillon 1970 Bas-Armagnac

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