• Domaine D'Ognoas 2000 Bas Armagnac

The Vintage 2000​ was distilled in November of that year and bottled in 2016. It is composed of 70% Ugni Blanc and 30% Folle Blanche grapes and was bottled at 45% alcohol. The nose of the 2000 is more complex than its younger brethren with more evolved dried fruit, cocoa, graphite, marzipan and spice. The mouthfeel is more rounded and present versus the reserve with baking spices, dried fruits, and oak notes lasting though its long present finish. This is something you can have in a more classic Armagnac setting, that is after a meal in your favorite glassware, whether at the table or your living room.  D&M Tasting Notes

Domaine d’Ognoas (pronounced Dahn-yo-haas) is located in Arthez d’Armagnac. This section of Armagnac from the Landes department is unofficially known as the Grand Bas-Armagnac. The village itself is not much to see; pass the small eighteenth century church and its attached cemetery and you’ve pretty much seen the entire town. If you were to sit and linger for a moment surrounded by fields of corn, hay and grapes, every few minutes a car will pass by. Not much is happening here, the Arthez of today is more of a crossroads than an actual village. In pre-industrial France, the area was full of small farms and growers that worked their land and contributed to a number of cottage industries on a small scale. In those days of bustle in Arthez, there was one large Domaine in the town occupied by a family of noble birth. 

Ognoas as an estate can trace its history back to the end of the 11th century. After passing through the hands of several noble families, Etienne Lormand purchased the estate in 1770. It continued in the Lormand family until 1847 when the last of the Lormand name died without leaving an heir, quite a problem in those days. As a result, the estate was bequeathed to the Church. After the house and its property were transferred from the Church to the State, the regional government took over the property. In the latter part of the 20th  century the domaine was used as both a showcase for the region’s products and also a school for those that wanted to learn about farming, winemaking, or distillation. The pride and joy of the Domaine is its Alambic still, the oldest functioning column still in the Armagnac region. The d’Ognoas still  was built in 1804, it is lit every year and does the age old work of converting wine into clear eau-de-vie in one run. The vineyards used by the domaine have undergone a change in the modern era. There used to be much more Baco 22-A planted, but now Ugni Blanc and Folle Blanche make up the vast majority of the plantings. Any vintage release after the 1990 will have very little Baco in the final blend. D’Ognoas produces about 115 barrels a year. All the Armagnacs see new oak for about 10 months (the barrels come from the local cooper Bartholomo), then progressively move into older barrels where they pick up less tannin and begin to concentrate their flavors

Domaine D'Ognoas 2000 Bas Armagnac

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