• Diplome Dry Gin

Original 1945 Recipe. Aromas of orange peel. Floral's, spice. A nice viscosity, smooth and clean. The extra proof is not noticed.  D&M Tasting Notes

The base spirit of this gin is distilled from sugar beets, not grain, which may explain its pronounced sweetness (note: the recipe dates back to 1945). The aroma is almost neutral, with just a faint breeze of pine. On the palate, the juniper-pine note comes forward, along with a marshmallow sweetness, though it finishes with citrus chased by earthy anise and black pepper. 91 Points, Wine Enthusiast, August 2016

Relaunched in 2013 using the same recipe that was perfected in 1945 during WWII; using spices sources from all over Europe and Morocco, macerated in pure beetroot alcohol and distilled in a small pot still. 


Diplome Dry Gin

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