• Diebolt-Vallois 2010 Fleur de Passion Brut Champagne

Grower Champagne. Blanc de Blancs Fleur de Passion is the jewel in the range from the house of Diebolt-Vallois. Fermented and aged in barrels, it is only made in the very best years.

The Diebolt-Vallois families can trace their winemaking history back to the 1500s. The namesake Diebolt Vallois came into being with Jacques and Nadia hanging out their proverbial shingle in Cramant in 1959. They have long made focused and precise styles of Blanc de Blancs that harken back to the best of the Cote de Blancs: think Delamotte and their peer Pierre Peters. The elder generation has largely handed the reigns to their children Arnaud and Isabelle. Isabelle is married to Jean-Paul Hébrart, so this is very much a family tied to the expression of grower Champagne. It is Isabelle that focuses her perfectionist tendencies towards raising the bar that her parents have set. The family has 11 hectares of vines mostly across the northern section of the Cotes de Blancs with a smattering of vineyards elsewhere. Michael Kennel, D&M Wine Buyer

Disgorged: September 2018 3/grams of dosage.

Diebolt-Vallois 2010 Fleur de Passion Brut Champagne

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