• Delord 1988 Bas Armagnac

Aged 30 years in oak barrels. Bottled 2018 45.1% ABV

Nose: vanilla, wood, cloves, and hazelnuts

Palate: vanilla, wood, orange zest, and tobacco. Distillery Notes

Delord Technical Information

- Use of high quality fruit, harvested from the best soils of the Bas Armagnac. 

- No use of pesticides or fertilizers

- A good use of the grape varietals : 57% Ugni blanc (gives a good foundation), 16% Colombard (herbal aromas), 15% Folle Blanche (floral notes), and 12% Baco (gives roundness) 

- A particularly slow single distillation process

- A distillation at low temperature (around 54 to 58 degrees), which enables more flavors, fatty acids and character to remain in the spirit. 

- Use of 10% Gascon oak to give good tannins, darker color and beautiful spices. 

- More aging than required by law

Delord 1988 Bas Armagnac

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