• Delord 1978 Bas Armagnac

Aged 40 years in Oak. 42.8% ABV Bottled 2018 Cask Strength.  Distilled in the early winter of 1978 and slumbered for 40 years before being bottled at cask strength this year. The nose is full and present with notes of dried apricots, prunes, morning buns, dulce de leche, spun sugar, rancio, loamy earth and wood barrel spice. The palate shows the years in barrel with oak tannins, toasted almond, pepper, black tea, and just there prune. D&M Tasting Notes


The house of Delord was founded in 1893 by Prosper Delord, a travelling distiller that decided to buy land and put down roots in rural Gascony. The house that Prosper built is located in the heart of the Bas Armagnac, in the tiny four block by four block village of Lannepax. The operation became known as the Delord Brothers when Prosper ’ s sons Gaston and Georges took over the firm in 1925. It was Gaston and Georges who laid the foundation for the modern house to flourish. Following a generation of work and introducing their Armagnac to a worldwide audience, Gaston ’ s sons Jacques and Pierre took over the estate in 1973. This was a decidedly tough time in the brandy business as traditional markets turned away from aged brown spirits, this was the age of blended whiskey and the rise of vodka. This brings us up to the current generation: Jacques sons Sylvain and J é r ô me took over from their father and uncle in 2001. This new generation has been quite smart and astute as they have handled the rise once again of interest in well aged French Brandies. 

In these write-ups about the distilled spirit of Armagnac, we overlook the land and the wine that is the starting point for distilling. The Delord family has been fortunate to own 104 acres spread across 11 parcels within a stone ’ s throw of the village of Lannepax . Rinaldo has managed winemaking for them across two generations. The vineyards are planted to the four traditional varietals of Armagnac: 56% Ugni Blanc (the most planted white grape variety in France), 24% Colombard, 14% Baco (a hybrid variety of Folle Blanche and the American Noah grape) and finally 6% Folle Blanche (the historically widely planted grape varietal before phylloxera decimated its plantings in the late 1800s.) These grapes are harvested in the early fall and vinified separately to produce wines low in alcohol with moderate acidity- perfect for distillation. Armagnac Delord as a producer of brandy in Gascogny is unique in that they have two types of stills. They own a double distillation still (more often seen in Cognac) to make their young spirits, and a traditional single distillation column still that they use to make their traditional vintage dated Armagnacs. The distillation takes place in the beginning of November and runs through the end of December, with their treasured antique Sier Armagnac alambics producing 30 liters of eau de vie per hour. Even a century later, the fingerprints of Prosper ’ s itinerant distilling remain at Delord. Michael Kennel, D&M

Delord 1978 Bas Armagnac

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