• De Sousa 3A Grand Cru Brut Champagne

This Grower Champagne has an upfront aroma set of wet stones, cinnamon, apple, vanilla bean, apricot, oak and licorice. The palate shows the influence of the Pinot Noir with a present textural mouthfeel, stone fruits, warm baking spices, oak and an oxidized apple skin flavor on the finish. Try this with brunch foods like a poached egg on an artichoke. D&M Tasting Notes

This bottle is made up of mostly the 2013 vintage with 25% reserve coming from 2010-2012. The aforementioned 3A in the cuvee name denote the three villages where this cuvee comes from, Avize, Aÿ, and Ambonnay. Avize contributes Chardonnay that makes up half of the final blend, aged in large oak barrels, like the one above. Aÿ and Ambonnay each contribute 25% Pinot Noir to the final blend, the Pinot Noir for both is mostly aged in enamel lined tanks with some very old oak barrels providing additional texture. The final cuvee is finished with 3 grams of dosage for freshness and precision. Michael Kennel, D&M Wine Buyer

Sharp readers will note that De Sousa is not a typical french name. The growers of today can trace their lineage back to the first World War. Manuel De Sousa was a soldier from Portugal that came to France to fight with the Allied army during World War I. After the war ended, he returned home to Portugal, saw the state of economic hardship in his native land, and decided to return to France with his wife and newborn son.

They settled in the Champagne region in Avize, where sadly Manuel died of a brain tumor at age 29. Manuel's son Antoine grew up in France and married Zoémie Bonville, whose family were grape growers in Avize. With the land that she brought to the marriage,this marked the beginnings De Sousa estate. Their son Erick de Sousa has lead the estate since 1986. Erick farms 23 acres across 42 different plots, with 75% of his vines over 40 years of age and some parcels clocking in at 70 years old. Old vines mean low yields, but more complexity in the glass. As a grower dedicated to the land, Erick converted to organic production in 1989 and went a step further to biodynamic processes in 1999. The plowing is done by their family horse, often a fixture in the photos of Erick and the fields. The grapes are harvested late in the picking season to allow them to develop additional depth. 


De Sousa 3A Grand Cru Brut Champagne

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