• Darroze 1984 Bas-Armagnac

Domaine de Bertruc. Bottled: July 2014 aged 30 yrs. Ugni blanc, Baco. Golden color, little intense. The nose is fine and elegant. We feel some citrus flavors (orange peel, dry apricots) with very fine spicy flavors. On the palate, the tanins are round and silky. The fruity character (fig, prune, apricot) is evident. Superb. Distillery Notes

45% ABV

Marc Darroze is a treasure hunter, roaming Armagnac to find extraordinary barrels from the best terroirs. Jason Wilson, Vinous Media, July 2018 

Marc has partnered with a high-quality mobile distiller, who makes the rounds in a truck after harvest much as mobile distillers would in the bygone days of horse and wagon. Thus Marc both buys barrels of aged Armagnac from farmers like his father did, and he buys the just-distilled white spirits from a given farm and ages it himself. Typically, a new spirit will go into a new barrel in the drier Darroze cellar (Marc has separate ageing cellars), two conditions that encourage faster evaporation and oxidation. After several years, this spirit is racked into an older barrel and moved to the more humid cellar, factors that naturally slow the maturation process. 

Darroze produces two lines of Armagnacs. The first is the range of blends, known as Les Grands Assemblages, and the second is the Unique Collection, or single estate, vintage dated spirits. All come from farms in the Bas Armagnac, the westernmost district of Armagnac down low on the edge of the Landes forest where the soil was once swamp and before that beach—it’s very sandy. This translates into naturally low yields and higher acid grapes, which are perfect for distillation and give this district its reputation as the best in the region. To the east is the Tenarèze district with more clay and limestone, and further east is the Haut Armagnac zone, where the production of Côtes de Gascogne is centered. Importer Notes

Darroze 1984 Bas-Armagnac

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