• Darroze 1980 Domaine De Rimaillo Bas-Armagnac

Ugni Blanc.  Nice golden and brilliant color. Some fruity notes (quince, orange peels, apricot) are dominant in the nose. With air, the Armagnac reveals fine spices and some very delicate oaky fragrances. In the palate, we feel again fruits and spices. Tannins are silky and fine. Long on the palate. Bottlers Notes

39 years in oak, Bottled October 2019 40.9% ABV

It was in 1974 that Francis Darroze started his business as a trader and producer of vintage Bas-Armagnacs. For this he relied on years of experience, tasting, and visits to the ageing cellars of Bas-Armagnac, the sub-region of Armagnac where the most rich, complex and interesting spirits are produced. 

The initial idea was simple: to create awareness of a region and its extraordinarily varied wine-producing soils, rich and marked by history, while respecting the originality and typical nature of each estate. Since then he has intensified his search for the best vineyards, the best soils of Bas-Armagnac. He rapidly acquired a national and international reputation for quality and integrity: “He doesn’t add any softened water or “petites eaux” to bring it to the necessary degree for sale; the Armagnacs of Francis Darroze are reduced naturally through simple evaporation of the alcohol over years of ageing.” (Pierre Casamayor, Revue des vins de France, October 1987). Francis shares his values with those close to him – and Marc, his son, rapidly developed the same passion and commitment. They travel through the vineyards and cellars of the Gers and the Landes together, the one providing the experience, the other youth and enthusiasm. Robert Parker Jr.

Darroze 1980 Domaine De Rimaillo Bas-Armagnac

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