• Dailuaine 10 YR Drumlanrig Bottling Single Malt Scotch Whisky

This 10 year old was aged in a sherry refill butt. Even though according to Diageo’s corporate website Dailuiane is synonymous with sherry, the classic sherry notes on this barrel are subdued. The nose is light and bright with heather, honeycomb, baking rye bread, and aged lemon zest. The palate is light and precise with a high tone of citrus, heather and a light herbal note. D&M Tasting Notes

Distilled: December 2003. Bottled: 2014 Sherry Butt Cask# 10732 46% ABV

We are quite happy to bring you an expression from the largest distillery you have never heard of (moderate hyperbole.) We who live and breathe single malt sometimes misremember that there the other huge category of blended whisky that for the large companies that own these distilleries is still highly important. So, we are quite happy to bring you a single malt that is the foundation of the Johnnie Walker line, Dailuaine.

The distillery that we now call Dailuaine first began life as Dailuainne in the year 1852. The name is derived from the gaelic ‘dail uaine,’ which translates roughly to green valley, which the land certainly was in the middle of the 1800s. It was built by the farmer William MacKenzie, and took advantage of the bounty of its location in the middle of the Speyside. With access to great water and barley, William situated the distillery on the railroad line to take advantage of the high technology of the day. William ran the distillery well for over a decade until he passed away.His now widow leased the distillery to a banker in the town of Aberlour, a mile away. This banker, James Fleming, went into business with William’s son to form Mackenzie and Company in 1872. They did quite well together and embarked on a series of expansions and retrofits that by the late 1880s remade the distillery into one of the largest distilleries in the Highlands. Of note in the greater history of Scotch whisky, Dailuaine in 1889 was the first distillery to be fitted with Charles Doig’s iconic pagoda roof. That first roof was lost to a fire in 1917, but the distillery was rebuilt and continued on. The distillery’s history over much of the last century has been the fairly typical litany of being acquired by larger and larger companies until coming to rest in the present day under the corporate umbrella of Diageo. 

Today there are three wash stills and three spirits stills converting the waters of the Ballieumullich Burn into malt whiskey spirit. Dailuaine has the capacity to produce over five million liters of spirit a year, making the distillery a workhorse of the Diageo corporate stable. There are eight granite warehouses at the distillery, but they are currently not used. Rather the spirit is transferred to Diageo’s central barreling and warehouse facility to begin its aging. Thankfully for the environment and the livestock of the Speyside, all that leftover grain goes to good use, as there is also an onsite dark grains plant that converts the leftover pot ale into cattle feed. Waste not, want not in the whisky business. Even though its production capacity is closely matched to Caol Ila, only approximately 2% of Dailuaine makes it out of Diageo as a single malt, making this bottling quite rare.

Dailuaine 10 YR Drumlanrig Bottling Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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