• Dad's Hat D&M Bottling Pennsylvania Straight Rye Whiskey

Cask Strength. 60.1% ABV. Mashill of 80% rye, 15% barley malt and 5% rye malt full 53 gallon barrel. The Rye was aged to just short of four years in cask number 6. The nose recalls a Eastern European bakery with aromas of fresh rye bread, pumpernickel, dry toffee, butter, dried caramel, and a waft of pepper to finish. The palate has a heft to with with ample rye bread covered in butter and honey, and just there currants. D&M Tasting Notes

Soon after our country was founded it became painfully obvious that the Articles of Confederation were not sufficient to hold the young country together, in no small part because Congress could not levy taxes to pay off the Revolutionary War debt. So, the United States Constitution was ratified and the new federal government went about looking for sources of revenue. Alexander Hamilton felt that the duties and tariffs that the young government imposed on imported goods were high enough, so he and others turned to domestic sources of tax revenue.

The first domestic item that was taxed in America by the Federal government was on distilled products. This “whiskey tax” was passed in 1791 and suffice it to say, not popular with farmers on the western frontier. Throughout Western Pennsylvania counties, protesters used violence and intimidation to prevent federal officials from collecting the tax. This continued for several years until in the face of organized resistance, Washington himself rode at the front of an army 13,000 strong to suppress the revolt. The rebels went home and began to pay the taxes levied on them, setting the stage for a proud history of distilling in Western Pennsylvania. 

Dad’s Hat Rye ​ comes from the same Western Pennsylvania tradition of whiskey production that can trace its history back over two hundred years. While in the 1800s, Pennsylvania’s distillers were making over 6 million gallons of rye whiskey annually, Prohibition hit the Pennsylvania rye whiskey industry hard. The story of Dad’s Hat begins with a son of west PA. Herman Mihalich had a history with booze, as his parents owned a tavern in Monessen, PA and had grown up in the apartment above the bar. From those humble beginnings Herman went on to work for decades as a Chemical engineer, but his love of whiskey was ever present. In 2006 Hat Founder Herman Mihalich came across a story about the reemergence of Rye whiskey. Working with a college friend, John Cooper, he went about laying the groundwork to reintroduce Rye whiskey production to Pennsylvania, a dream that they realized in 2010. Michael Kennel, D&M

Dad's Hat D&M Bottling Pennsylvania Straight Rye Whiskey

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