• Croftengea 10 Yr Exclusive Malts Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Loch Lomond “Croftengea” 2006 aged in ex-Bourbon barrel and bottled in May of this year. This is a bit of a chameleon whisky, one that seems to change depending on mood and season. The nose shows a soft smoke and peat set with salted honeycomb, orchard fruits and crunchy gooseberry.The palate shows the roughly 40 ppm of peat and all the phenols it brings with peat, ash, scorched earth and a light grain and tropical fruit lift on the finish. D&M Tasting Notes

Cask Strength 55.5% ABV  Distilled: March 22,2006. Bottled: May 2016 10 Years Old  Cask 486,  279 Bottles.

Loch Lomond has three types of stills in one distillery sitting on the Lowland/Highland line, making a variety of different peat levels of whisky. Loch Lomond was begun in 1966 by the unlyrically named Littlemill Distillery Company Limited. The company was formed as a joint project of an American company looking for expansion: Barton, and Duncan Thomas, who had reopened Littlemill in 1931. Like its cousin, the Littlemill distillery, Loch Lomond straddles the borderline of the Lowlands and the Highlands, with the buildings in the Lowlands, but the water comes from Highlands. Though this technicality leads to a lets say, vibrant, discussion of whisky messenger boards, the spirit tastes very much like its Highlands brethren.

Loch Lomond was the only distillery named for its water source until a certain upstart came along in 2012 and opened Wolfburn. In 1971 Barton took full ownership of the distillery and ran it quite successfully until the whisky consolidation of the 1980s forced its closure in 1984. In 1987 it was brought out of mothball status by its new owners the again boringly named Glen Catrine Bonded Warehouse Limited. This new corporate owner had a number of brands to support, so went about transforming the distillery to suit their needs. In 1993 they added a patent column still that dramatically increased production and made them the only distillery in Scotland to run pot stills and a column still in the same location. Michael Kennel, D&M


Croftengea 10 Yr Exclusive Malts Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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