• Cinco Sentidos Papalometi Mezcal

Wild-Harvested agave. Aromas of mango, saltine crackers and fresh peppers. The palate is warm and round with salted tropical fruits, finishing with notes of Terra cotta and just there smoke note. D&M Tasting Notes

Cinco Sentidos is a representation of small-scale maestro mezcaleros that produce agave spirits with complex flavors. We select high-quality distillates that represent the various production processes, agave diversity, and traditions and talents of Mexico's master distillers of agave.

At 27 years old, Armando Alvarez is one of the few very mezcaleros throughout Mexico who has preserved the ancestral tradition of hand-mashing his agave with wooden mallets and fermenting the mash in rawhide. This tradition was born out of mezcal being outlawed by municipal authorities and is likely four centuries old.


Cinco Sentidos Papalometi Mezcal

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