• Cimillya 2005 Passito Di Pantelleria

*500 ml. D'Ancona Passito di Pantelleria is made from the Moscato di Alessandria grape, a large, green-skinned muscat variety native to Egypt, and grown on Pantelleria, a rugged island off the coast of Tunisia (though officially part of Sicily). The plants are cultivated individually, in "alborello" style, in holes dug into the ground to protect the plants from the often strong winds. The earliest-ripening grapes are harvested by hand in late August (to take advantage of the September sun) and dried on the ground in the sun for a month before being de-stemmed (again, in this case, completely by hand).

It is truly extraordinary wine, one which, as much as any could, epitomizes what Tesori Wines is "about" as an importer. This wine could not come from anywhere else. It reflects the labor of a family passionate about communicating, through their wine, the unique and mixed Arab and European history and traditions of their fascinating home.

The most exquisite example of its type we have ever come across, it offers an ethereal nose of unending fascination. In the mouth it is balanced and elegant, distinctly different from some tasty but slightly coarser, clumsier versions that have been available in the market to date. Several experts have called this the best Passito di Pantelleria they have ever tasted, and one in particular who, for political reasons, needs to remain anonymous, has said it is the best one made, period. We can't argue with that assessment. It is certainly one of those wines that makes us want to close our eyes just to focus on its charms that much more intently.


Cimillya 2005 Passito Di Pantelleria

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