• Chateau de Ravignan 1986 Bas-Armagnac

Bottled in 2016 Aged in barrels for 43 Years 43.8% ABV 100% Ugni-Blanc


Castles have graced the property of what is now the Château de Ravignan since the 12th century. The name "Ravignan" itself comes from the deep ravines surrounding the property that once served as a natural defense.

The château was later occupied by feudal barons and partially destroyed during the religious wars of the 16th century. In the mid-17th century, a Louis XIII manor was built on the property. 

Vineyards were planted in 1732. Around the same time, the property was sold to Jean La Croix, who later took the name Ravignan. 

Jean-Henry d'Orglandes next to a print of the first Baron de Ravignan 

Today the estate is managed by Jean-Henry d'Orglandes and his wife Christine, along with her brother Baron Louis de Ravignan.

Chateau de Ravignan 1986 Bas-Armagnac

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