• Chateau De Laubade 1983 Cask Strength Bas Armagnac

Store Pick. Distilled in 1983 from a combination of Baco 22A and Ugni Blanc, assigned barrel number 74091, and left to age in Chai Number 2. Laubade is known for using a large number of new oak casks for their distillation and aging, though we suspect this was a previously used barrel. After a 32 year slumber, the cask was sampled and selected in late January of this year. This was the first time the cask had been tapped, and it seemed to have impressed the Lesgourgues as much as it impressed us. It was bottled at cask strength: a hearty 48.1% alcohol by volume. The nose of this 1983 shows pretty caramel,honeycomb, dried tropical fruits, spice cake, rancio, and a subdued mint note. The palate is present yet balanced with flavors of caramel, baking spices, dried orange zest, and light rancio. The finish is precise and it lingers on the palate for over 15 seconds.  D&M Tasting Notes

You can find Château de Laubade in the small village of Sorbets, in the heart of the Bas Armagnac. The chateau was originally built in 1870 in a distinctive take on the Victorian style, and across the generations and owners there was one of great note. Early in the 20th Century, the Chateau was owned by the Ambassador to St. Petersburg during the Russian Revolution, Joseph Noulens. The great statesman led quite a life; his second wife Jeanne Paquin is considered to have been Coco Chanel’s primary muse.

The vineyards surrounding the house were used by Mr. Noulens as a pilot farm, useful when he was named as Agriculture Minister in 1919. Jumping ahead in history, in 1974 Maurice Lesgourgues bought Château de Laubade. At the time he said seeing the house was love at first sight. Not only was the property exceptional, but the terroir was excellent and the chais (warehouses) on the property was full of the work of his predecessors. 

Maurice’s son Jean-Jacques immediately started work on the property, upgrading the facilities, while maintaining the look and feel of the house. Since 1998, the third generation of the Lesgourgues family, Arnaud and Denis, have carried on the torch for excellence for Château de Laubade. Today the house has 260 acres under vine. To put that in rough perspective, this would be in San Francisco, a ten city block by ten city block square. While their vineyards are large, they put a great deal of effort into growing sustainable grapes, using sheep instead of pesticides for weed suppression. There are currently four grape varieties planted: 47% of the vineyards are Ungi Blanc, 30% Baco 22A , 15% Colombard, and finally 8% is planted with Folle Blanche. All of the distillation occurs on the property in their own alembic still, and distillation is done one grape varietal at a time. The 78 acres of the grape Baco 22A represents the largest planting of that grape variety in Gascony. Michael Kennel, D&M 

 Bottled: January 21,2016. Hand selected by D&M and bottled at Cask Strength 48.1% ABV


Chateau De Laubade 1983 Cask Strength Bas Armagnac

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