Each vintage entirely comes from a single harvest and distillation year. Each vintage clearly expresses its age, which is a specificity of Armagnac and the signature of the house. More than 80 different vintages matured in Château de Laubade’s cellars. Currently, the oldest vintage is from 1888. Each Vintage tells a particular story. A story dealing with the ongoing climate changes, with the unique Cellar Masters’ know-how that has followed one another, along the generations. The casks’ quality and the cellars’ temperature participate to the vintage special identity as well. Finally, each vintage is a particular chapter of the estate and draws on its long history, rich know-how and dedication to quality from several generations of men and women’s high involvement. 

Château de Laubade only releases its vintages after a minimum of 15 years of ageing in oak casks from Gascony.

Chateau De Laubade 1976 Bas Armagnac

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