• Chartreuse Liqueur V.E.P -Green

Fabriquee Par Les Peres Chartreux . So many wonderful flavors going on. Honey, saffron, sage, licorice, vanilla, citrus, anise and cardamon to say a few. This also has juniper and wormwood. Only the monks really know how many and which botanicals are in here, we just know this is delicious with a smooth texture from start to finish. The same botanicals as the regular chartreuse, but then aged in Cognac oak barrels. D&M Tasting Notes

Chartreuse V.E.P. (Vieillissement Exceptionnellement Prolongé) is made using the same secret formula as the traditional liqueur, with the addition of extra long ageing in oak casks until mellowed to an exceptional flavor. The most mellow of the Chartreuse liqueurs. Mild herbal and floral aromatics. Flavors of honey, saffron, sage, licorice, vanilla, citrus rind, anise, cardamon, white pepper, and many more linger on the palate in a smooth finish.

Chartreuse and Tonic recipe

2 oz Chartreuse, 

5 oz tonic water, 

ice cubes. In glass filled with ice, mix Chartreuse and Tonic Water. 

Garnish with lime slice.


Chartreuse Liqueur V.E.P -Green

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